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Easy, Flexible Audio for WordPress.


Add style and colour options, widgets, downloads, popout players, and many more audio options to your WordPress site…

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Wide Reaching


Compatible with all major browsers and devices. iPhone, iPad, Android, and desktop friendly. Options such as auto-counterparting, and the plugin's ability to switch between HTML5 or Flash solutions (depending on the browser's abilities) make MP3-jPlayer possibly the easiest way to add wide-reaching audio to your WordPress site.

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Integrated with WordPress

MP3-jPlayer will use the WordPress playlist builder when it's available, along with all other audio features.

The plugin is easy to use and works with all your core WordPress media options including the new drag & drop playlist builder. Use your 'Add Media' button on edit screens to make playlists and add players, or you can just paste urls straight into your post. Play attached audio, add track images, and order your playlists.

MP3-jPlayer supports all major file types (mp3, m4a, mp4, oga, ogg, wav, webma, webm).

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