License Terms and Conditions

The following applies to all purchased extensions, add-ons and skins.


Plugins can be used indefinitely, the licenses are valid for 1 year and allow you to get support and updates for the purchased plugin.


Any and all future updates to the plugin will be made available to you free of charge while your license is valid. This includes maintainance and feature releases.


Support for purchased plugins is provided up to one year after the date of purchase. If you’d like further support after a year then a new licence for the plugin you are seeking support for must be purchased. If support is required on a site that has coding errors due to customisations, the theme, or other plugins then you may be asked to fix these first.


As these are digital products and essentially non-returnable please make sure you know what you are purchasing and why, and feel free to ask any questions before making a purchase. However, it’s understood that every setup is different and that occasionally things may not work out perfectly. If you have an issue that we’re unable to resolve or that makes the plugin unusable, a full refund will happily be provided within 14 days of the original purchase date.

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