Feature Summary

Make Playlists Easily

Upload your audio into your WordPress Media Library and you can easily make playlists for your posts and pages.

There are other ways to make playlists too, for example playing entire folders, writing a list of urls, and using custom fields.

Design the Player

Style the playlist player on the design page. Choose a skin, set fonts, colours and sizes, and how artwork should display.

Many of the layout options can be set per-player by using shortcode parameters.

Allow File Downloads

MP3-jPlayer includes a download option for playlist players. Downloads can be shown to all visitors, or just to logged in users.

Downloads are served seamlessly to the user's browser when it's possible to do so, or a dialog box is presented with a link.

Simple single players

MP3-jPlayer has two types of single-file player for applications where minimal audio players are required.

They are easy to style, and support a number of shortcode parameters for individually changing their configuration.

In-depth settings

Fine-grain control over which audio aspects to handle. Set formats for bulk playing, meta captioning options for library files.

Set player visibility, default behavior and positioning, download and popout settings, and more.

Auto Counterparting

If you want, MP3-jPlayer can make the process of adding counterparts (secondary audio formats) very easy.

Give your counterparts the same filename, and put them in the same place and the plugin will do the rest.

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MP3-jPlayer is compatible with all major browsers and devices.

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