Playlist Players

This page shows some of the ways you can present playlist players. See Adding Players for help on putting players on your site.

1) A minimal player can be set up as your default from the ‘Design’ settings (or you can set them individually by using shortcode parameters).





2) This is the default playlister, playing files from the Media Library:

[playlist tracks="magiccarpet.mp3, udulessig.mp3, Maria.mp3"]

For the playlist above I uploaded my files and images into my WordPress Media library, and then set the featured image for each track (setting featured images is a WordPress option you have in your library). You can set up the player’s design and layout from the ‘Design’ page.
3) Play a folder, and add a single image for the entire list:

[playlist tracks="FEED:/music/horse" images="/mypics/mycover.jpg"]

Write the full path from the domain root, ie. this one is playing from the directory “”. You can add an image for each track by writing more urls, separate each url with a comma.

4) Make a playlist, set the images to auto-fill the player width, and to overflow into the playlist:

[playlist ids="97,86,80" imageSize="autoW" imgOverflow="visible"]


5) Pick a few tracks from a folder, shuffle them, add a caption, hide some buttons, float player to the right (the inner margin is set on the settings page), set tracks for download.

[playlist tracks="FEED:/music/horse" dload="y" pick="3" shuffle="y" captions="Recorded in 2010" pos="right" style="nostop nopn nolistbutton" list="y" width="240px"]


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