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Single Player Downloads Add-On

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Single Player Downloads Add-On

Configurable download buttons for single-file audio players.


RELEASED: September 2015

Add download buttons to MP3-jPlayer’s single-file players. Downloads can be set on a per player basis and can show to all visitors, logged-in users only, or neither. The downloads have the same optional seamless action as the playlist players (the ‘Smooth’ setting in MP3-jPlayer).


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Single Player Downloads Admin Panel

Single Player Downloads settings panel.

The settings appear under the 'Players' tab

The settings appear under the ‘Players’ tab.

The settings appear under the 'Players' tab

Example players on a page.


  • Set downloads for logged-in users, all, or none
  • Downloads can be set globally or per-player
  • ‘Smooth’ seamless downloading for most users
  • Choose button position – Left, after, right
  • Set button background and text colour
  • Set the button text
  • Fully independent settings for the 2 types of single-file players in MP3-jPlayer (text, and button players)
  • Simple CSS, easy to customise
  • Option to turn off all styling


MP3-jPlayer 2.4.2 (or higher)
WordPress 3.3 (or higher)

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