Bulk Playing Using FEED

MP3-jPlayer allows you to playlist entire folders (or the library) with a simple command called FEED:.

You can use this command wherever you would normally use a filename or url, for eg. in your tracks parameter in a shortcode, or in the custom fields.

The command can used in 3 ways:

Command Player Action
FEED:LIB Playlists all audio in your library
FEED:DF Playlists all audio in your default folder
A folder path, eg:
Playlists all audio in the specified folder. Note that paths are relative to the root of the domain, not the WP install.

All of the tracks in the specified location, and of your selected formats (set on the settings page) will be playlisted.

Additionally, if you have counterpart formats in the same location (and your feed format settings are set to MP3 / MP4) you can have the plugin automatically add the counterparts in for you.


a) Play 5 random tracks from the library:

[playlist tracks="FEED:LIB" pick="5"]

b) Play everything in the folder called ‘tunes’:

[playlist tracks="FEED:/tunes"]

c) Popout link to everything in the default folder:

[popout tracks="FEED:DF"]



The track ordering is global and is controlled by 2 options on the settings page, one for the library, and one for folders.

Library: Ascending/descending by filename, title, caption, or upload date.
Folders: Ascending/descending by filename or upload date.

The tracks parameter can contain a mix of FEEDs and filenames/urls, eg:

[mp3-jplayer tracks="myfileA.mp3, FEED:/tunes, Title@myfileB.mp3, FEED:DF"]

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