Audio Format Advice

While MP3-jPlayer will play most common formats, if you want to get the best coverage on the web then you’ll want to avoid some of them. This page explains what formats to use to ensure your audio is playable on as many devices as possible.

There’s 2 approaches to setting up your playlists:

1) Provide a single file type for each track –

This is what most people want to do, it’s the least hassle, and as long as you provide a file from the MPEG family your music will be playable on the vast majority of devices. This can be any of the following file extensions:


These are by far the most widely supported formats on both old and new devices, and if you’re serious about visitors being able to play your tracks then you should always use one of these.

2) Provide two file types for each track –

In this case you’ll still use your MPEG as the primary file type, but you’ll also provide a counterpart (or fall-back format) as an alternative for any browsers/devices that can’t play the MPEG. The counterpart format should be from the OGG family, that’s files with the following extensions:


The plugin allows you to specify your counterparts by url, or it can automatically pick them up for you which will save you some time, see Adding Counterparts for more info.

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