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Simple-Stats Add-On for MP3-jPlayer

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Simple-Stats Add-On for MP3-jPlayer

A clean, effective audio statistics extension for MP3-jPlayer.


RELEASED: November 2016

Simple Stats is specifically designed for capturing audio play and download statistics. It’s light-weight, needs no setting up, and helps to ensure only meaningful plays and downloads are collected.


Simple Stats Add-On for MP3-jPlayer

Simple Stats data view on the admin panel.

Simple Stats options tab opened.

Simple Stats options.

Simple Stats viewed on a narrow device

Simple Stats viewed on a narrow device such as a tablet or phone

Stats displayed on a playlist player.

Stats displayed on a playlist player.

Stats displayed under a single file player.

Stats displayed under a single file player.

A playlist with stats and the downloads add-on running.

A playlist with stats and the downloads add-on running.


  • No setup required, learns your tracks as they’re played on the site.
  • Only records genuine user plays and downloads that come via the player’s interface.
  • Avoids any bots or other requests on your audio files.
  • Neatly Tabulates all your play and download figures for each track site-wide, no confusing duplication.
  • Provides at-a-glance site wide summary stats.
  • Option to display play and/or download counts in the players / playlists on the site.
  • Optional time threshold for when the stat gets collected, helps prevent low-quality and erroneous stats collection.
  • Also captures plays and downloads from MP3-jPlayer’s popout players.
  • Works with cached sites.


Simple Stats is an easy-to-use, light-weight statistics plugin that captures the number of plays and downloads your audio receives via the players on your site. There’s no setup needed, the plugin learns about any tracks when they first get played, and displays them in a neat table on your admin side, along with their individual play and download counts.

The plugin never needs to be told when you put new audio on the site, and if you use the same tracks repeatedly then Simple Stats will collate all the hits for you, and will not cause confusing duplication or splitting-out of data.

There’s an option to display each track’s play and/or download statistic on the site. The stats are displayed in the playlist for playlist players, and under the player when using single file players. The stats can be positioned left, centre, or right.

Using the optional threshold, you can choose to ignore plays of less than a specified length.


MP3-jPlayer 2.3 or higher
WordPress 3.3 or higher

Special Notes

Simple Stats is for use with MP3-jPlayer audio players, and doesn’t collect stats via any other audio player plugins.

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