The plugin has 2 separate widgets for adding players to your site’s sidebars.

From your dashboard go to Appearance > Widgets. Just drag a player widget from the list on the left into one of your sidebar areas. You can then configure and save it. The player widgets are explained below. You can use as many widgets as you like.

Playlister Widget

The playlister widget has 4 playback modes:

Play Attachments – If you use WordPress’ attach feature then you can use this mode to automatically add a player whenever a page has attached audio.

Play Custom Fields – Use this mode to automatically add a player whenever you’ve used custom fields to make a playlist.

Write a Playlist – Use this mode to always play from a fixed playlist, write your urls (or filenames / FEEDs) as a comma separated list in the box provided.

Generate a playlist – Use this mode to playlist an entire folder and/or your library. Write your folder path (from the root of the domain) in the field provided.

Shortcodes Widget

The shortcodes widget is a little more flexible as you can write any of the player shortcodes and parameters into it, along with any other text and markup you like. Please see the Demos Page for examples of how to write shortcodes.

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