Easy, Flexible Audio for WordPress.


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Key Features

Integrated with WordPress

MP3-jPlayer supports the native WordPress media features, such as using the drag & drop playlist maker, pasting urls straight into your posts, and playing attachments.

Flexible Setup Options

The audio players all have flexible layout and setup options to suit your needs. From simple play buttons or text, to complete playlist players with download options.

Style it from the Dashboard

Customise the player layout, choose your colours and fonts, set text and artwork alignment and sizes. See your changes as you make them on the design page.

Increased Functionality

Add player widgets, popout players. Set login options for playing and for downloading files. Playlist entire folders quickly and easily. Automatically replace links to audio files.

Extensible and Re-skinable

MP3-jPlayer is becoming increasingly extensible, and is completely re-skinable with CSS.


MP3-jPlayer is extensible by design, and the following add-ons are free to download.

Simple Stats

A clean and effective play and download statistics collection module.

Single Downloads

Configurable download buttons for single-file audio players.

Playlist Downloads

Adds individual download buttons next to each track in a playlist.